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At Freedom U we offer a number of different recovery tools to better suite you on your journey of recovery. For any questions, please call us at 1(800) 364-4450



1. Freedom Course:  Sexual Wellness Ecourse (Online Course)


The Sexual Wellness Ecourse is an essential tool in finding freedom sex and porn addiction. It is an online based 12 unit curriculum, broken up into 3 modules. The complete course is available or you may enroll in one module at a time. The course features 12 interactive written and training videos, reflection responses, interactive quiz's and relapse prevention activation activities. It is designed to help you propel towards freedom and wellbeing on your journey from porn, and compulsive sexual behavior into personal, relational, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Click here to learn more about our online course. 


2. Personal Recovery Coaching (Via Phone or Video)


Recovery Coaching focuses on specific issues that require in-depth counseling, in order to successfully help each client navigate through debilitating emotional and relational difficulties that prevent them from overcoming sexually compulsive behavior. We specialize in assisting each client journey into freedom and wellbeing, providing insights and strategies to help them successfully incorporate relapse prevention plans and principles into their daily lives and relationships. All sessions are strictly confidential and are offered individually. We also offer a bundle package for a better value. Learn more.


If you are interested in this service and would like to know more about these options give us a call 1(800) 364-4450


3. Recovery Support Groups (Via Live Video)


We offer both men and women support groups. Our support groups are led by our certified coaches to provide a safe environment. Each client is encouraged to share the challenges and breakthroughs in their quest towards freedom and wellbeing, and discuss positive feedback and strategies among the group. Interested in joining a support group? Give us a call today at 1(800) 364-4450

  • 90min Sessions 

  • Certified Counseling

  • Online (via Google Hangouts)


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