The Recovery Tools

The Sexual Wellness Ecourse

A 12 unit curriculum including interactive written and video training, reflection responses, activation activities, written coaches responses upon the completion of each unit.

The Complete Sexual Wellness Ecourse Includes 3 Module



Daily Trail Guide Ebook

A daily resource guide providing practical resources for relapse prevention and wellness.  The guide contains reminders, alerts, and activation activities that are designed to encourage, inspire, and empower a successful journey into sexual freedom and wellbeing.



Recovery Coaching


All of our coaches are trained and certified in dealing with compulsive sexual behaviors.  They are familiar with the Freedom Curriculum, and will focus on issues related to our wellness model of treatment. Sessions can be purchased individually or in bundles for a better value.

 Our certified coaches specialize in assisting each client  journey into freedom and wellbeing, providing insights and strategies to help them successfully work through the curriculum, and incorporate the principles and plans into their daily lives and relationships. Freedom U Sexual Wellness Recovery Institute.


Premier Recovery Coaching


Premier Coaching is provided by Doug or Kevin - the founders of Freedom U. They both have unique gifting and experience in sexual wellness treatment. They will focus on issues related to the Sexual Wellness Track, providing practical tools for healing, wholeness, and wellbeing.

 Our founders have teamed up to provide an exceptional service. They focus on specific issues that require in-depth counseling, in order to successfully help each client navigate through debilitating emotional and relational difficulties that prevent them from overcoming sexually compulsive behavior. Freedom U Sexual Wellness Recovery Institute.


Support Groups


We offer both Men's Freedom Groups and Women's Freedom Groups. Each group is made up of a certified coach, and up to 6 participants.  Each group focuses on the Freedom Curriculum and wellness model of treatment.  Groups meet approximately 90 minutes, allowing for each participant to share, and the coach to offer feedback and direction.