Freedom eCourse

The Freedom eCourse is an essential tool in finding freedom from sex and porn addiction. It is designed to help you propel towards personal, relational, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

The online course includes 12 videos along with 12 interactive written lessons, reflection response questions, quizzes, relapse prevention action steps, as well as a Daily Trail Guide ebook.

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Who is it for?

Men who are desiring freedom from compulsive (addictive) sexual behavior and want to regain control of their lives by cultivating personal, relational, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

What You Will Get :

  • Freedom From Unwanted Sexual Behavior

  • A Personal Recovery Action Plan

  • Develope Self-Awareness

  • Learn How To Alter Attitudes and Habits

  • Understand The Roots Of Compulsive Sexual Behavior

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Relational Restoration Plan

Course Curriculum


Module 1

  • Unit 1

    Awareness of the Problem

  • Unit 2

    Honesty - Admitting the Problem

  • Unit 3

    Humility - Asking for Help

  • Unit 4

    Altering the Problem - A New Heading

Module 2

  • Unit 5

    Managing Transmitters

  • Unit 6

    Mastering Triggers I Did It Again

  • Unit 7

    Mending Trauma “That Hurts”

  • Unit 8

    Minimizing Tune Out - Being Present

Module 3

  • Unit 9

    Relapse Prevention - A New Path

  • Unit 10

    Relational and Spiritual Connection - Getting Intimate

  • Unit 11

    Wholeness Acceleration

  • Unit 12

    Wellness Maximization


A Better Life Awaits. Live Free Today! 


Frequently Asked Questions


Is this program anonymous?
Yes, we are committed to ensuring you of complete confidentiality.

How much does the course cost?
The course cost $149.

How may I pay for the eCourse?

You can pay for the eCourse buy clicking the "Buy Now" button above. We accept Credit or Debit cards.

What are the materials that I will need for the eCourse?
Internet/Wifi and a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to access the course. We also encourage you to have a personal journal dedicated for working through the questions we ask throughout the course.  

Do you offer one-on-one coaching?
Yes. We offer one-on-one personal coaching sessions with professional sexual addiction recovery coaches.  

Will this program help me quit compulsive masturbation?
Yes. The course is designed to help individuals cultivate freedom and wellbeing from compulsive sexual behavior.

Do you offer refunds?

When does the eCourse start and end?
At the time of your purchase you will receive an email with instant access to the course. You may complete the course at your own pace and you have lifetime access.  

Can I give this eCourse as a gift?

Is the eCourse available worldwide?