Meet With A Certified Coach

Are you tired of struggling with unwanted sexual behavior? Have you tried to quit on your own, but haven’t been successful?

Our certified sexual recovery coaches can help you achieve true freedom and wellness that lasts.

What We Offer:

Freedom Coaching is an online video conferencing service, and is an essential tool in finding freedom from sex and porn addiction.

Our certified coaches propel you towards personal, relational, emotional, and spiritual wellness by assisting each client through their journey into freedom and wellbeing. They provide insights, strategies, and motivation to help you successfully work through the Freedom eCourse, and help you embrace a freedom lifestyle.

Our Freedom Coaching sessions are private & confidential. All sessions are approximately 1 hour.

Who Is It For?

Individuals who desire freedom from problematic, unwanted, compulsive sexual behavior, and desire to regain control of their lives.

Married couples who desire reconciliation and restoration from problems associated with sexual addiction.


What You Will Get:

  • Understanding of Compulsive Sexual Behavior

  • Support And Encouragement

  • Relapse Prevention Plans

  • A Personalized Wellness Plan

  • Identifying and Replacing Negative and Harmful Thoughts

  • Resolving Painful Past Events

  • Marriage and Family Reconciliation

  • Self-Awareness and Mindfulness Strategies


Meet Our Coaches


Doug Phillips

  Co-founder // MSSW, University of Louisville, LCSW, State of California

Doug has been the clinical director of several behavioral health counseling agencies.  He has developed and directed comprehensive residential and outpatient adolescent and adult programs for the state of California for those struggling with sexually compulsive disorders. 

He has been helping people get free for the past 30 years.  The Freedom U curriculum and program components are based on his expertise in developing proven approaches that produce positive results.  

Doug’s drive and compassion is grounded in his own personal experience of addictions, of which he has been free for 42 years. Doug is married with 6 children and 1 grand daughter.


Kevin Dedmon

Co-founder // M.A. Leadership Studies, Vanguard University

Kevin has extensive experience in working with drug and alcohol recovery programs, helping people struggling with compulsive addictive behavior. He was a counselor for a dual diagnosis hospital treatment center for 3 years.  He also developed and directed a residential recovery program, which he directed for 5 years.

He has provided pastoral crisis counseling over the past 35 years.  He has coached young leaders throughout the world to develop and fulfill their life vision.

The curriculum for Freedom U is born out of Kevin’s own journey into freedom, and the tools that helped him to get free and live well. Kevin is also a best selling author, and international speaker. 

He has been married for 40 years, has 2 children, and 1 grand daughter.


Doug Oliver

Coach // M.A., LPC, CSAS

Doug has a God given passion and insight when working with men who desire moral integrity. He can also offer tools and techniques for enhanced relationship and communication skills needed when repairing the damage done to families by negative sexual behavior…


Reid Harper

Coach // M.A. in Counseling Psychology, University of San Fransisco

Reid Harper is a licensed California Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice specializing in treating Sexual Addiction. He is certified as a Sexual Recovery Therapist through the American Association of Sex Addiction Therapists…


Doug Owen

Coach // M. Div.

Married for 35 years, I have four grown children. I have a B.S. and a Masters of Divinity degrees. I have been in ministry for 37 years and my desire is to share with other men the truths that have helped me so much…

Photo of me.2.jpg

John Doyel

Coach // CSAS

Now in my 14th year of recovery I have started 180 Ministries at Vineyard Columbus and 7 others churches. I am a certified sex addiction coach and lead online support teams as well…

Eddie Pic 1.jpg

Eddie Capparucci

Coach // M.A., LPC, CSAS

Eddie Capparucci is licensed therapist in the State of Georgia and is certified in the treatment of sexual and pornography addiction by the International Association of Certified Sexual Addiction Specialists and the American Association of Christian Counselors…