"I live in a small town without any counseling or group resources for specific help with sexual problems.  I am so glad I found Freedom U because the curriculum, the counseling, and the community saved my life and my marriage.  I have hope now going forward as I continue to grow."

Robert, 35

"I was skeptical of an online program at first, but I had tried other programs without success, and I needed help.  So, I took a chance on Freedom U, and they did not disappoint.  The practical tools, especially the daily trail guide, made it easy for me to navigate through my journey.  I have a much better life now.  My wife would concur.  Thank you Freedom U."

Mark, 47

"I was hopeless when I clicked on the “Get Started Now” button of the Freedom U website.  It seemed like the only avenue for help was in a 12-step program that didn’t fully resonate with my spiritual beliefs, or an inpatient program that I couldn’t afford and promised no long-term support. Freedom U has more than surpassed my expectations.  I feel that I have received the best and most affordable treatment, all within the comfort of my own home.  Incredible!  Thanks to the Freedom U team."

Adam, 38

"Freedom U works.  Of course, I had to walk it out, but it was like painting by numbers.  Each step in the process was clearly laid out for me, along with easy to follow directions to put everything I was learning into practice.  I thank you.  My wife thanks you.  My kids thank you.  You guys are amazing!"

Ernesto, 48

"I don’t know what I would have done without Freedom U.  I was out of control and about to lose everything.  It’s been a hard road, but I am free today, and things are working out in my life better than expected.  Thanks."

Marshall, 39

"When I came into the Freedom U program, I was a mess.  I was depressed, unmotivated, and isolated.  I basically spent most of my free time on the internet watching porn.  Today, I have a new and exciting job, I am working out regularly, and I have a serious girl friend that I’m about to be engaged to."  

Nate, 27

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