Helping Those Who Struggle With Sex Addiction

The Sexual Wellness Recovery Program is an essential tool in finding freedom from sex and porn addiction. The program includes an online course featuring 12 interactive written lessons, accompanied with videos, reflection responses, quiz's, relapse prevention tools, and action steps. It includes 12 coaching sessions and the Daily Trail Guide Ebook. It is designed to help you propel towards personal, relational, emotional, and spiritual wellness. 

Program Includes:

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Freedom E-course

  • 12 Interactive Written Units Accompanied With Videos
  • Reflection Responses & Quiz's
  • Relapse Prevention Activities

Freedom Coaching

  • Individual Recovery Coaching Sessions With A Certified Sexual Addiction Recovery Coach

  • Professional Relapse Prevention Planning
  • Developing A Personalized Wellness Plan
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Daily Trail Guide (Ebook) 

  • Daily Wellness Development

  • Relapse Prevention Activities

  • Practical Success Plan


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