Freedom Course: Sexual Wellness E-course (Online)



Who is it for?

Men who are desiring freedom from compulsive sexual behavior (porn, masturbation, and sex) and want to regain control of their lives by cultivating personal, relational, emotional, and spiritual wellness. 

The Sexual Wellness E-course is an essential tool in finding freedom from sex and porn addiction. It is an online based, 12 unit curriculum, broken up into 3 modules. The course features 12 interactive written and training videos, reflection responses, interactive quiz's and relapse prevention activation activities. It is designed to help you propel towards freedom and wellbeing on your journey from porn, and compulsive sexual behavior into personal, relational, emotional, and spiritual wellness. 

The course covers the following topics:

Cultivating self awareness, self-assessment, personal action plan, altering attitudes & behaviors, honest living, neurotransmitter dynamics, trauma, mindfulness, relapse prevention planning, cultivating relational & spiritual growth, wholehearted living, and sustaining personal wellbeing.

Complete Sexual Wellness Ecourse
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Complete Sexual Wellness Ecourse
  • Includes All 3 Modules
  • 12 videos 
  • Reflection Responses
  • Interactive Quiz's
  • Ultimate & Most Effective Course
  • Freedom From Unwanted Sexual Behavior
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