How The Harvey Weinstein’s Of The World Can Get Help


Who Knew?

Sex addiction comes in all sorts of various forms.  Who knew Harvey Weinstein was an abusive sex addict?

Oftentimes, we imagine the sex addict as a guy roaming the streets for a hook-up, or sitting alone in the dark with a computer logged onto a porn video.

Sex addiction is not always so easy to deduce.

Some people go unnoticed because they are just doing what we have come to expect as normal behavior.

As long as I can remember, Hollywood has been known for it’s real life sexual dramas.  Sex seemed to just go with the territory.  

As a young man, I always thought it would be cool to be an actor, like Sean Connery, who got all of the hot women for one-night stands in every James Bond movie.  When I grew older, I realized that in real life, it was the producers and directors who actually got all of those one-time sexual encounters.  

The recent disclosures about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual exploits has confirmed my theory, as so many women in the film industry are now coming forward to reveal the sexual dirty laundry.

There are more sex addicts than you may realize.  Porn and sex addiction is out of control in our culture, and it’s causing a lot of pain. 


Sexual Addiction Has A Painful Price

Whether it is the use of power, prestige, or money, men think they can simply sweep women off their feet.  Unfortunately, the sex that is exchanged is not worth the price it costs everyone involved.

It’s all going to come out at some point, and we will pay for the pain sexual addiction has caused.

  • Sexual addiction often destroys your relationships
  • Sexual addiction often puts your career in jeopardy
  • Sexual addiction often causes debilitating depression and anxiety
  • Sexual addiction jeopardizes your wellbeing

If we think our deviant sexual behavior is not really a problem, then we are sorely mistaken.  Sure, it may seem like a normal “guy thing” to do, but just because everyone accepts it as “normal” doesn’t make it healthy.

It wasn’t that long ago that everyone accepted smoking as a normal lifestyle.  The “Marlboro Man” was considered to be the epitome of a man — until all of those men started dying of lung cancer.  Then, we found out that our smoking was even causing cancer in innocent bystanders with second hand smoke.

It wasn’t long after that people started getting help for that “normal” lifestyle addiction because it was causing so much damage.  

Amazingly, cigarette smoking has dramatically decreased due to the awareness, and the specific techniques developed to help people stop.


Anyone Can Recover From Sexual Addiction

While sexual addiction is difficult to treat due to it’s secretive and isolative nature, it is doable with a proper plan and process.

Here are 5 tips to help overcome a sex addiction:

  1. Find a safe and caring environment for complete honesty
  2. Discover healthy ways to meet legitimate needs legitimately
  3. Replace old destructive habit patterns with new healthy habits
  4. Become engaged in emotional endeavors that promote intimacy
  5. Develop wellbeing in every area of life

Obviously, a lot of work is required to not only grasp the magnitude and implications of these topics, but to also implement these core concepts into one’s life and relationships.


The Best Way To Get Help For Sex Addiction

There have been many people like Patrick Carnes, as well as groups like Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) and Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) who have developed concepts and techniques to help people overcome sexual addiction.

Here are 5 resources that will help in the process of overcoming a sex addiction:

1.  Get information through books, YouTube, Podcasts, and Websites that specifically deal with sexual addiction.  A good website to start with is Your Brain On, which gives a lot of statistical information about sexual addiction.

2.  Find a good therapist that specializes in sexual addiction, and has been specifically trained or has extensive experience in treating sexual addiction.

3.  Get involved in a good sexual addiction support group that provides a safe environment for vulnerable and honest sharing.  If you can’t find an SA or SAA group in your surrounding area, an AA group or Co-dependency group can be helpful to some degree in identifying underlying issues contributing to acting out sexually.

4.  Start developing healthy relationships.  You may need to work through reconciliation issues before you begin the restoration of damaged relationships.  Getting specific information, therapy, and support through groups will help in that process.

5.  Get a specific plan to grow in wholehearted living in every area of your life.  Brene Brown addresses 10 areas of wholehearted living that can be very helpful in creating personal and relational wellbeing.

It’s time to help people become aware of the extent of sexual addiction, as well as it’s devastating effects.  

But even more importantly, its time to help people who are trapped in a myriad of secret sexual behaviors that will eventually destroy their lives, as well as the innocent bystanders.

Certainly, there are dire consequences for the Harvey Weinstein’s of the world, but there is also help for those who are willing to admit that they have a problem, and are willing to get the proper help they need to overcome their addiction.

At Freedom U, we can help.  We can help you if you let us.

Let us know if this blog was helpful.  Let us know how we can further help you on your journey into wholehearted living.

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