Counting The Cost of Sexual Addiction Recovery


People often ask me, “How much will it cost for the treating my sexual addiction problem?”

I respond with, “How much has your sexual addiction problem already cost you?”

The cost of unmanageable compulsive sexual behavior is astronomical.

In other words, sexual addiction comes price. 

Loss of marriage, family, friends, job, career, social status, and self-respect are just the tip of the iceberg when we begin to think about what our deviant sexual behavior has cost us over time.

Just adding up the amount of time surfing porn websites, exploring chat rooms, cruising, and fantasizing about the next sexual encounter or hook-up has cost us so much in energy, career focus, and connection in relationships. And then, we must consider the amount of money we have stolen away from our family to support the compulsive behavior of our sex addiction.

What price do we put on the loss of sleep, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, guilt, shame, and despair?

If we are truly honest, our sexual addiction has cost us quite a bit.

Freedom Comes At A Price

When we read through history, we soon discover that freedom is never free — it always costs someone something.

Think of all of the people who fought in past wars to set us free from tyranny, or protect us from the threat of tyranny, and paid with their lives.

Freedom requires incredible courage and sacrifice — It costs us something, and we feel it.

  • The cost of our dignity

Humbling our self to get the help that we need requires absolute honesty in exposing the behavior that has destroyed our lives.

  • The cost of our time

Sex and porn addiction doesn’t develop overnight, and it will not abate overnight. 

  • The financial cost

We spent a lot of money on out-of-control sexual behavior, and we can expect to spend money on the resources that we need to get free, and begin to live in wellbeing.

Return On Investment

Whenever we invest in a venture that costs us something of value, it is important to consider the viability and positive return on that investment — ROI.

When it comes to recovery from porn and sex addiction, the investment we make in honesty and humility, time, and money set us up for positive benefits that can impact every area of our life in positive ways.

  • Transformation

As we continue to humble ourselves over time, utilizing the resources that help us get free and live well, we find that despair will turn to hope, bondage to freedom, dis-ease to wellness, and sadness to joy.

  • Restoration

Chances are that your porn and sex addiction has resulted in some very severe consequences.  When we begin to seek recovery, the goal is to restore every area of our lives, so that it looks brand new — emotionally, mentally, physically, relationally, spiritually, and sexually.

  • Celebration

Down deep, everyone would like to have a happy life.  The goal of recovery is to create a pathway for wholehearted living.  A primary key to successful recovery is to learn to celebrate every seemingly small victorious step along the way.

Recovery Is Worth The Cost

Porn and sex addiction costs us everything.  Recovery is going to cost us something.  The amount is different for everyone, but the sacrifice and determination to get free and live well will tax every mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, and financial resource we have.

The good news is that the effort we put into our recovery is worth every bit of effort required.

So, how much is it going to cost?

Who cares!

When we want to be free, the cost is inconsequential to our desire to escape the torturous demands of tyranny.

Sexual addiction is a tyrant that will not let go without a price being paid.  To be free is worth any demand of dignity, time, or money.

I want to encourage you that you truly can overcome the tyranny of porn and sex addiction, if you are willing to count the cost and pay the price of freedom.

Get Started

There is nothing worse than getting a tip on an amazing investment opportunity, and missing out because of procrastination or fear.  

I love the old movie series, Rocky.  In Rocky 3, Apollo Creed is trying to retrain Rocky to fight in a new way that will enable him to defeat the tyrannical Clubber Lang.  Rocky is having to re-learn everything about fighting, and in the midst of feeling overwhelmed with this seemingly impossible task, he wants to quit early and just go home.  Apollo then screams at him, “There is no tomorrow!”

And then, Rocky “goes for it,” and proceeds to knock Clubber out.

You have an opportunity today to begin your re-training to defeat the giant of sex addiction.  

Here are a few ways to get started in your recovery process: 

  • Tell someone what is really going on in your life.
  • Get the aid of a professional who is specifically trained in treating sexual addiction.
  • Look into support programs that can jump-start and accelerate your healing and wholeness journey.

You are worth the investment.  Your marriage and family is worth the price that you will have to pay.  Why wait any longer?  It’s time for you, and yours, to experience healing, wholeness, and wellbeing.

Let us know how this blog has inspired you in some way to get the help you desire.  We would love to hear about your return on your investment.

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