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At Freedom U we are dedicated to help you achieve freedom from unwanted sexual behavior, by helping you cultivate wellness in every sphere of your life. We believe that relational intimacy, meaningful spiritual connection, and behavioral change is the goal of sexual freedom and wholeness. Our Sexual Wellness eCourse has been developed through personal experience and clinical expertise.  All of our Freedom Coaches are certified sexual addiction recovery professionals. We understand the difficulty of working through the many consequences and challenges that you may be facing in your journey of recovery, so let us help you start living a life of freedom and wellbeing today.

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With over 30 years of experience in developing and directing residential and outpatient treatment programs, our Clinical Director, Doug Phillips, is passionate about helping people recover from sexual addiction.

The Freedom U eCourse is born out of Kevin’s own journey into freedom, and the tools that helped him to get free and live well, Kevin has dedicated his life to helping people get free from sexual bondage,  and to experience the best life possible.


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Unmanageable sexual behaviors lead to serious negative consequences in one’s relationships, health, and well-being.


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